About Us

Innovative and Passionate about Security

Vanguard is a battle-proven provider of Cyber Security Incident Response services and Consultancy. Our mission is to deliver an affordable and innovative experience across all of our platforms.

Open Source Champions

As a cyber security partner to our clients, we provide the best solutions to your problems.

Intelligence driven

With a workforce experienced in global defence and financial services, we're an intelligence driven team of analysts. We fuse our research with development of new detection techniques for your risk landscape.

Vendor Agnostic

We do not lock in with any vendor and actively remain open source with our in-house solutions. Due to our independence of vendors, our remote SOC can monitor your security tooling.

We'll become your partner in cyber security, not just your service provider.

Our partner-centric relationship allows us to assess your landscape, understand it and help secure it far beyond your typical Managed Detection offering.