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Vanguard is a cyber security brand aiming to work with clients looking to manage their cyber risk. Our services include compromise assessments, lightweight monitoring of assets and consulting on improvement of your cyber security operational practices.

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We are seasoned experts in investigating, containing and recovering from sophisticated cyber attacks including phishing, ransomware, domain compromises and more. We use industry leading tooling and in house developed methodologies fused with evolving threat intelligence to lead us to the answers your organisation needs to restore IT business operations to 100%. We also offer malware analysis and consulting on threat intelligence.

Man standing in front of security shield Vigilance | Compromise assessment

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Vigilance is our cloud based, fully automated service to identify potential flaws and risks in your IT infrastructure. This service reduces the cost of a typical compromise assessment by 70% with follow on discounts for additional consultation.

man standing in front of security shield Vengeance | Cyber Incident Response

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Our experience with thwarting and monitoring advanced persistent threats at a nation state level means were prepared with a response plan, so that your organisation can focus on the business. We offer one off response packages and also continuous monitoring services to help manage your cyber risk levels. This package can be tailored to any organisation size.


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